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Article: Ready To Change Your Life? Make 2024 The Year You Get and Stay Tidy!

Ready To Change Your Life? Make 2024 The Year You Get and Stay Tidy!

Ready To Change Your Life? Make 2024 The Year You Get and Stay Tidy!

THE TIME IS NOW. Make this your most organized year yet. 2024 is the year of the Tidy Festival, according to.. Bear Method Organize! Let’s set our New Year intentions to get organized and stay organized. I’ve broken down the year by month. Each month commit to tidying or deep cleaning that category in full. You may be able to knock it out entirely in one long weekend, or you may prefer to stick to the suggested weekly breakdowns to accomplish everything at a steady, manageable pace.



Once completed, come back to this checklist year after year to update and maintain the systems you’ve implemented. Life comes at us - we evolve, we accumulate, we adapt. Spend one year investing in transformation and spend the years after that living joyfully and following up with minor maintenance.



Approaching a huge project like this one step at a time is often referred to as the kaizen way. Kaizen is a Japanese term that involves a gradual method of continuous improvement. This checklist is your blueprint to small steps you can take to save yourself time and energy. These small changes can lead to a massive positive impact in the quality of your life.



Monthly and weekly checklists to get and stay organized all year ::



  • January :: Kitchen
  • Week 1 plates, bowls, drink ware, silverware
  • Week 2 pots, pans, grilling and cookware accessories
  • Week 3 bakeware and baking accessories
  • Week 4 utility or misc. drawers, kitchen towels, oven mitts



    • February :: Bathrooms
    • Week 1 makeup, hair accessories, skincare and oral hygiene
    • Week 2 soaps, lotions, feminine products and first aid
    • Week 3 bathroom linens
    • Week 4 upgrade or up-cylce drawer organizers



    • March :: Bedrooms + Closets
    • Week 1 bedside tables
    • Week 2 clothing
    • Week 3 shoes
    • Week 4 outerwear



    • April :: Kids Play Areas
    • Week 1 arts, crafts, coloring and painting
    • Week 2 board games, other games
    • Week 3 books and puzzles
    • Week 4 stuffed animals and toys



    • May :: Garage
    • Week 1 pre sort categories [tools, sports equipment, camping, etc.]
    • Week 2 declutter categories
    • Week 3 deep clean
    • Week 4 upgrade or up-cycle storage solutions



    • June :: Declutter + Deep Clean Linens, Back Stock + Cleaning Supply



    • July :: Office + At Home Workspaces
    • Week 1 edit down papers, shred and file
    • Week 2 tidy up desk and drawers
    • Week 3 deep clean area
    • Week 4 digital detox [emails, photos, apps]



    • August :: Miscellaneous
    • Week 1 make a last chance box or basket for unattended to items
    • Week 2 luggage
    • Week 3 home gym
    • Week 4 cars



    • September :: Deep Clean Most Used Household Items



    • October :: Deep Clean Forgotten Household Items
    • Week 1 baseboards
    • Week 2 walls
    • Week 3 windows
    • Week 4 rugs and curtains



    • November :: Holiday Decor + Gift Wrapping
    • Week 1 Jan - Oct holiday decor
    • Week 2 Nov - Dec holiday decor
    • Week 3 birthday and holiday gift wrapping
    • Week 4 bulk or large outdoor holiday decor items



    • December :: Entry Way, Mud Room, + Living Areas
    • Week 1 totes, backpacks, strollers, etc.
    • Week 2 misc. umbrellas, shoe covers, sunscreen, etc.
    • Week 3 consoles, coffee tables and entertainment centers
    • Week 4 throw blankets and pillows




    Bear Method Organize provides in-person declutter + tidy sessions for Los Angeles, California; Orange County, California; Malibu, California; Denver Metro, Colorado and all of the United States. We are available to travel to you. We offer virtual declutter + tidy sessions worldwide.


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