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Article: Simple Tips To Tidy Up Now For a Joyful, Stress-Free Holiday Season

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Simple Tips To Tidy Up Now For a Joyful, Stress-Free Holiday Season

POV :: It’s already almost the end of January.. WHAT?!


Maybe you haven’t put away your holiday decor yet [no judgement here]. Maybe you just threw all the things in a box or a bag [again no judgement]. Maybe you hired someone to do the take down for you [fully support this]!


Maybe you relate to all the above!


Whatever the case, we’ve got you. We’ve got the easiest tips and tricks of the trade to keep stress at bay. Whether you are reading this post-holiday season, anticipating the busy-ness, or you’re in the thick of it, know that these simple suggestions can help get you through. 


Getting and staying organized helps your home and office operations run smoothly. Putting systems in place that are clear, effective and easy to maintain bring calmness to chaotic times. As much as we may try, we can’t escape busy times in our lives. So, prepare yourself by getting your shit organized. Grant yourself the pleasure of having more time to take care of yourself because your things are already taken care of.




  1. Make Time For Yourself
    1. Block out 15 mins of me-time. Do whatever you like during these minutes.
    2. Mediate! Breathe! This is in addition to your me-time. Take a few moments to be intentionally still and quiet.
    3. Stay true to your daily wellness habits. Don’t skimp on your supplements, sleep, movement, or hygiene.



  1. Create Space For The Unexpected
    1. Accept you can’t plan for everything. Keep your calendar updated and clear for all parties. Leave a few time slots open for spontaneity or just freaking life.
    2. Let go of control allow yourself to go with the flow. Be as present as possible. We can buy all the things in the world but we can’t buy more time with our loved ones.
    3. If you feel you must, organize an emergency basket - gather all the things you feel will help you get through a worst case scenario.



  1. Add Joy to Your Obligations
    1. Organize your gift wrapping items, keeping each category labeled and neatly stored.
    2. Grab a basket, bin or box for all things needed for unwrapping gifts - trash bags, box cutters, scissors, sticker scrapers, etc.
    3. Play music, light a candle, and put on favorite “background” movie or show while prepping your house for hosting.


  1. Protect and Preserve Your Decorations
    1. Upgrade your ornament storage to one that keeps them safely and neatly stored.
    2. Pick up weathertight boxes for larger items to be fully encompassed and comfortably stored.
    3. Take the time to untangle lights, hooks and the like so you’re not annoyed the next time you pull them out for usage.



The holidays can be a whole lot of fun and they can also be cause for a headache. Follow our simple suggestions to prioritize joy and prevent stress!


As always, we are here to assist. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns on how to best handle holiday decor storage throughout the year!







Bear Method Organize provides in-person decluttering + organizing sessions for Los Angeles, California; Orange County, California; Malibu, California; Denver Metro, Colorado and all of the United States. We are available to travel to you nationwide. We also offer virtual declutter + tidy sessions worldwide.


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