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Article: Top Tips To Tidy Up Your Storage Unit

Top Tips To Tidy Up Your Storage Unit

Top Tips To Tidy Up Your Storage Unit

Is your storage area a place where you throw things that you just don’t have time to deal with? Is it where you put all the things that don’t have a home in your house? Maybe it’s where all the “once a year” items stay until it’s their time to actually get used and when the time comes for use you them, they’re too hard to get to or even ruined because of the way they were stored.


Let us help you change the way you store your belongings! Just because something is only used on or for occasion doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a proper homing situation. Au contraire - these items in particular need a little extra love since they are stored away for long periods of time.


Eager to take on your storage space and create a more streamlined process for your once-in-a-while items? We’ve curated a list of steps to help you tackle your storage room and transform it into a safe and comfortable home for your not-so-everyday belongings. Read below to figure out how you can step into your storage area with calmness and clarity.


Our top tips for getting and keeping your storage space organized ::


1. Remove everything and Konmari it! Get rid of broken and unwanted items that no longer bring you joy.

If it’s broken and unfixable, toss it. If it’s broken and you want to and can fix it, create a “to-do” box and place it by your front door, on the kitchen counter or in your car to prompt yourself to handle it immediately.

Sometimes we find sentimental items in our storage units. Take the time to reflect and make a confident decision on those items that truly bring you joy. If you’re unsure, snap a picture of the item and see if that is enough for you to keep a desired memory alive.

Everything that doesn’t spark joy for you should be placed in a pile for donation, trash, or junk removal.


2. Hire a junk removal person to come and take anything you aren’t able to re-home. [This is especially helpful for heavy or bulky items, old electronics, parts and pieces of things, etc.]

Storage spaces are often filled with large items. At Bear Method Organize, we typically partner with a local junk removal company who comes and takes these items for free or for a nominal charge. This can be a great option as opposed to dropping at a standard donation site because junk removal companies are usually able to repurpose most of the collected items, rather than throwing unwanted things in a landfill.


3. Give the emptied out space a good cleaning.

Really get into it here! Don’t leave any corners or shelves untouched. The worst scenario for a storage space would be moisture and mold. Ensure your area is free of mold to begin with. Then see step number five for mold prevention.


4. Find the appropriate size storage bin for each category and label it accordingly.

Most of the time we don’t push buying organizing supplies unless it’s appropriate. When it comes to storage - it is DEFINITELY appropriate. Sourcing weathertight bins and securing clear labels on them is a must to keep storage unit items safe and preserved.

We love these clear storage totes from The Container Store. But you might opt for a tinted bin or bag instead.


5. Include moisture absorbers to prevent mildew and mold in the bins and in the room.

Once you’ve stored everything in bins and labeled clearly, consider adding in a moisture absorbing bag in each bin. You an also incorporate dehumidifiers in the room to keep everything fresh and dry.


6. After usage, place everything back the way you found it.

There should be a place for everything and everything in it’s place, so when you or anyone else takes out an item, it should be clear where to return it after each use.



For some, decluttering and tidying up a storage space can be a great place to start getting organized in total, as so often it can be “junk” that’s tossed in, in avoidance of dealing with it immediately. For others, storage space is loaded with sentimental items or family heirlooms and it can take an emotional effort to sort through everything. Regardless, it’s important not to neglect or forget about implementing and maintaining an organized system for your storage space.



Book a free consultation today and allow us to help you transform your storage space to spark joy!





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