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Article: ALL About BMO



Welcome to Bear Method Organize, a KonMari-inspired tidying process to declutter and spark joy in your space. We offer in-home and virtual sessions to help you create the balance and peace you desire in your most lived-in spaces. This process can be applied piecemeal by category [clothing, books, paper, miscellaneous “komono” and sentimental items], or as a whole, often referred to as a “Tidying Festival”.


The Tidying Festival is a once in a lifetime event in which one commits to transforming their life once and for all to make space for balance and peace. Based on the Japanese tradition, Osouji [an annual cleanse of the home], the Tidying Festival includes touching everything you own and determining which items spark joy [that which to keep] and which do not [that which to donate or discard]. For those willing to be guided to complete the process, a life-changing transformation takes place. New habits are formed. And joy is emphasized and prioritized.


At Bear Method Organize, we know that you want to be your most balanced and joyful self. In order to achieve that, we must declutter your space to declutter your mind and your life. The problem we see is that excessive clutter can lead to stress and dis-ease. We believe that your environment should promote calmness and joy. We understand it can be difficult or even scary to let go of things to which you may have become attached, but don’t actually need. We are here to help guide you to connect with yourself first, then with your belongings. We offer guidance to help you align with what truly sparks joy for you, in order to confidently live in harmony.


When you work with with us at Bear Method Organize, we guide you through a decluttering process that involves bringing together every single item categorically [clothing, books, paper, miscellaneous “komono” and sentimental] into one place and connecting with each item to discover the level of joy-sparking-ness.  We then come up with an organized storage and tidying maintenance system for the items you wish to keep - those that spark joy for you or have a practical use in your space. The remaining items can then be assessed for discarding, donating, up-cycling, or reselling.


At Bear Method Organize, we know that you want to have the opportunity to express the best version of yourself daily. You need to have a proper environment in order to encourage peace and balance to promote joy from within. The problem is.. LIFE. You find yourself juggling everything all at once in a chaotic environment, which makes you feel like both your head and your home are a mess! We believe everyone can benefit from a tidy home and work space. We understand you are curious about change and possibly even ready to transform into the peaceful, balanced, sentient warrior you are intended to be. This is why we developed a system to guide you through the process of decluttering to let go of what you don’t need, then tidying up to enjoy the things you love!


Here’s how we do it in three simple steps ::


1. DECLUTTER - Assess each and every single item you own in the following categories :: clothing, books, paper, komono [misc such as toys, garage, kitchen and pantry, electronics, etc], and sentimental. Discard, donate, up-cycle or sell any items that do not bring you joy.


2. DESIGNATE - Find the perfect vessels for holding and//or displaying your treasured pieces. Here we can find creative solutions with what you may already have [shoe boxes, old Tupperware, jars, etc.] or we can look into purchasing storage solutions that bring you and your belongings joy and make the most of the space you have.


3. DESIGN - Structure and implement a system that works for you and with you. We will make a place for everything so everything can go back to its place after each usage. This can include educating kids, coworkers, household employees and even visitors and guests of the importance to build new habits to keep the system running smoothly. This can also involve having us come back to revamp any or all areas over a desired course of time [monthly, quarterly, annually], as life evolves, transitions occur and we acquire more or different things.


In today’s chaotic hustle culture, it can be easy to get bogged down and stressed out! With the personalized guidance from us at Bear Method Organize to declutter and reorganize your space, together we can create peace and harmony in your home and within yourself. Allow your head, your heart and your home become FULL of joy, not full of things. Schedule a consultation for transformation today!




Bear Method Organize provides in-person declutter + tidy sessions for Los Angeles, California; Orange County, California; Malibu, California; Denver Metro, Colorado and all of the United States. We are available to travel to you. We offer virtual declutter + tidy sessions worldwide.

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