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Article: The One Where You Journal Before Hiring a Professional Organizer

journal prompts for hiring a professional organizer

The One Where You Journal Before Hiring a Professional Organizer

Hiring a Professional Organizer can be as simple as :: “I have a problem with X area [my closet, our kitchen, the playroom, holiday decor, etc.] and I need someone to come in to declutter and organize it for me.” This is a pretty simple fix - you can hire Bear Method Organize and pay by the hour to have peace of mind and a simple maintenance system going forward.


Hiring a Professional Organizer can be as complex as :: “I am falling apart inside and outside. My home is a reflection of how a feel - a total mess! My relationships are suffering, my health is suffering, and I am wasting time and money trying to find things or buying duplicates of what I already have. I feel overwhelmed when I think about making a change, but I know I need to find a better way to live for myself and my family. SOS!” This is a situation in which you could benefit from taking some time to reflect [see journal prompts below] and consider purchasing a package of multiple tidying sessions.


At Bear Method Organize, we offer more than just a labeling system and access to those aesthetically pleasing bins you see on Pinterest. We offer guidance to a better way of living. We offer support as you face the challenges and scariness of making major positive changes in your life. We are here for YOU.


Deciding to invest in yourself can feel both relieving and heavy. It can be dreadful and joyful at the same damn time. We are here to hold space for the dichotomy that is human evolution. Embarking on your own Tidying Festival takes time and energy - let us contribute our time and energy to be with you throughout the journey. Together we will refine, refresh and rejuvenate your living spaces. Your home will look and feel different and so will you. This is deeper than “Spring Cleaning” - it is a total transformation.


Find space in your day when you can take 20-30 minutes to reflect on theses questions. Take a deep breath, light something, and grab paper and a writing utensil. Bonus :: meditate before, do a breath work session [Open app, Calm app, YouTube, or make up your own], and play Solfeggio frequencies or other healing, meditative hertz, alpha or theta waves.


  1. What causes you unnecessary stress? What are you struggling with the most right now? [unable to locate things, negative moods taking over, relationships with loved ones suffering, etc.]
  2. What are you hoping to achieve by hiring a professional organizer?
  3. What does your ideal lifestyle look like in terms of home systems and function? What does your ideal lifestyle look like for your most valued relationships?
  4. What [or who] brings you joy?
  5. What are you willing to invest in order to transform your life into one that brings you all the joy you desire? [time, money, sacrifice, letting go, etc.]





One Final question ::


What can decluttering and organizing your life bring you?




After working with us, some of the words our clients have used to describe what decluttering and getting organized has brought to them include ::


Overall peace
Mental clarity
Stress relief
Increased job performance
More fulfilling parenting
Positive influence on relationships
Better health and wellness
Emotional well-being



It is our intention to make one, several, or all of these feelings accessible to you on a daily basis. Committing to change can be challenging, but we can do it together. Bear Method Organize sessions are a safe space for you to be yourself, share your stories, release anything that’s been hold you back or weighing you down, and embark on a journey towards intentional living. We are here to listen, guide and inspire you to live the life you desire. Schedule your free consultation or visit our social accounts for tidy tips today!



Bear Method Organize provides in-person declutter + tidy sessions for Los Angeles, California; Orange County, California; Malibu, California; Denver Metro, Colorado and all of the United States. We are available to travel to you. We offer virtual declutter + tidy sessions worldwide.

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