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Article: Bethany's Story

Bethany's Story

Bethany's Story

Hi! My name is Bethany Jordan and I am a Certified KonMari Consultant living in both Los Angeles and Denver, providing decluttering and tidying services for all of the United States. Here's a little bit more of how and why I started my business, Bear Method Organize ::


Because of the nature of my husband’s job, we lived in five cities in five years. I have a lot of experience managing multiple homes! After a big move in anticipation of the birth of my first child, I embarked on my own Tidying Festival. I had read Marie Kondo’s books and seen her Netflix show, but at the time, I didn’t realize that I was actually following her method. I have always had a natural knack for purging; my mom used to express concern over my lack of sentiment, but for me, “out with the old, in with the new” was a very fitting concept as I grew up, evolved, and discovered new versions of myself.


I spent my teen years working for my grandparents’ business organizing and filing all of their documents. I would sort receipts, invoices and other papers for hours. I labeled and color coded the filing cabinets - adding a bit of pizazz to a bland metal container of mundane information. In college I had the same types of responsibilities, plus some, as an office manager for an advising department. I studied Industrial Engineering and applied the philosophies of efficiency and efficacy into organizing student files, managing appointments and folding, sealing and stamping thousands of letters and binders in a timely and precise manner.


Flash forward to adulthood and I’m searching for a job that accommodates my husband’s high-maintenance, ever-changing career. My mom immediately knew to forward Marie Kondo’s KonMari Consultant course to me when she stumbled upon it online. Luckily I was primed and ready to submit for qualification.


As a new parent, I felt called to help others find peace and create harmony in their homes, even with the wildness involved with having children. I also realized there are groups of people and families living similarly to us - moving back and forth to different cities and managing multiple households who can benefit from my experience of implementing organized systems to minimize stress, decrease waste and unnecessary duplicates, and bring in more joyful living.


I started this business to inspire a new way of living - one that promotes thoughtful intention where there are so many quick options. I love that being a KonMari consultant gives me the credibility to do this for anyone who is willing to embark on a journey of transformation.


Much like Marie’s story, becoming a wife AND a mother has impacted my organizing acumen in the sense that being tidy does not equal being perfect or being a minimalist. Tidiness has encouraged me to be more patient, understanding and adaptable. As parents and as partners we have to keep our creative juices flowing. Raising children and fostering a healthy environment for our loved ones requires constant, daily effort and consistent commitment. What works for us during the school year, for example, may not work for us over summer break. We must be able to adapt while remaining committed and consistent. One of the best ways to make that work enjoyable, rather than letting the work work us, is to keep our environment in order and to put systems into place that can be maintained by the whole family [or office in the case of a professional work space]. I am enlightened by the opportunity to evolve in that way, and to share my discoveries to help others.


Aligning with my passion to organize and then building a business out of it has completely defined my kurashi, meaning my ideal life style. I am able to earn a living doing something I fully enjoy, all while having autonomy over my time, allowing me to spend more of it with my family and schedule work hours that make sense for me.


Committing to my organizing career has given me the ability to prioritize gratitude and joy. Having a calm, centered home and office keeps me calm and centered inside. It is my hope to guide others into this same way of living.







Bear Method Organize provides in-person decluttering + organizing sessions for Los Angeles, California; Orange County, California; Malibu, California; Denver Metro, Colorado and all of the United States. We are available to travel to you nationwide. We also offer virtual declutter + tidy sessions worldwide.


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