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Article: Home and Office Hacks For Ultimate Organization

Home and Office Hacks For Ultimate Organization

Home and Office Hacks For Ultimate Organization

Running a household can be both rewarding and exhausting. Whether you live alone, with friends, or with family, it can become challenging to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to staying neat and tidy. Some of us have our own unique definition of being “organized”. Some of us are clean but untidy. Others are tidy but unclean.


Often what can end up happening is that one person takes on the majority of the chores  and household responsibilities for the masses. This can lead to overwhelm, resentment and discouragement.


One of our main goals at Bear Method Organize is to provide guidance and actionable advice on how to get and stay organized - no matter the living or working situation in which you may be. We research best practices and try them out ourselves to be able to offer unique solutions for all of our clients.


We’ve found that getting organized and staying organized are arguably equally challenging. So we’ve made a list of the top five methods to implement in your home or office, first to declutter and then to implement organized systems that are simple and straightforward to maintain.


Here are five home hacks to get your home organized coupled with five actionable items you can take today!



1. Declutter Strategically ::  Start with one drawer, one shelf, or one room at a time. Take out everything in said drawer, shelf or room and categorize all of your items. This is an easy way to deduplicate as well as to clean your spaces. Make piles for donating, discarding, up-cycling and re-selling what you don’t need or want.


If you are mentally clear and aligned with your ideal lifestyle, this decision-making process should be straightforward and uncomplicated. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves feeling stuck or unsure. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself for items you feel hesitant about ::


  • Is it sentimental? Consider storing or gifting.
  • Is it high quality? Consider selling or storing with a set time frame to use or else discard.
  • Have you worn it or used it in the last two years?
  • Does it make you feel good about yourself? Some things we wear around the house but would be mortified if someone saw us in it. Or we might have a spatula that looks like it was chewed up by an animal. These should not be kept. Consider budgeting to upgrade over time your house wear, sweats, socks, underwear and pajamas, and any other household items that are in bad shape. There’s no reason not to feel good in your clothes, even if you are wearing them in the privacy of your home. Make a plan to upgrade your household items when you can, based on your budget. Watch your whole life level up when you prioritize taking care of yourself as well as your belongings.



DECLUTTER CHALLENGE :: Declutter and donate five items you no longer use today!



2. Smart Storage Solutions :: Repurpose old boxes, bins, jars and containers or invest in stylish storage bins and baskets to keep things tidy and easily accessible. You can get organized without vessels, but in order to stay organized, you’ll need proper vessels to home your items indefinitely. When everything has a place, and there is a place for everything, you will be more likely to return everything to its designated home after use. Having loose items enclosed in an appropriate storage space is a sure fire way to keep rooms, shelves and even drawers looking and feeling tidy, Adding labels can make this process even more clear and maintainable [see step 5.].



STORAGE MAKEOVER :: Revamp one area using new storage solutions. Check out our Amazon Storefront for our favorite organizing items, or contact us on the website, or through Instagram to get a customized list of storage suggestions.



3. Daily 5-minute Tidy-Up :: Set a timer and tackle a quick cleanup each day to maintain order with minimal effort. Make this a habit by ritualizing it. You can try playing music, making up a song or dance, rewarding yourself and other household or office members, or turning it into a game. Amplify this new habit by taking just a few minutes to clean up after each activity throughout the day. I GUARANTEE you will end up SAVING time by cleaning up as you go, rather than letting it all pile up to be tackled at the end of the day. Then you can do the 5-minute tidy up before going to bed, and wake up to a calm, refreshing environment, rather than one that is daunting, chaotic and uninviting.



5-MINUTE TIDY TIMER :: Time yourself for a quick clean-up - get your family and housemates or officemates involved!



4. Functional Furniture :: Opt for furniture with built-in storage to maximize space and minimize clutter. Your home and office require furniture. So why not fill it with furniture that can neatly store all your belongings? If you already have a fully-stocked home and don’t have the budget to buy new, look for ways you can incorporate storage into what you already have. Can you fit a bin, box, or basket underneath a couch, desk, bed or chair? Or perhaps you can sell a current piece in order to afford something more useful. Having furniture that meets your desired aesthetic AND functions as a designated home for your loose items is the absolute way to go. Fortunately we live in a world where these things are totally accessible - you can even support a small business or solo artist to customize a piece for you.



FURNITURE UPGRADE :: Identify one piece of furniture that can serve a dual purpose for added functionality. DIY or call in for reinforcements!



5. Label, Label, Label :: Clearly label storage containers and shelves for a quick and efficient find. Having labels to identify the exact items the storage space is meant to hold will help all parties be able to easily locate, use and properly return everything that comes in and out of your home or office. Labels help keep organized systems in place. They allow for even the most untidy or careless individuals to contribute to an organized environment. Labels take the pressure off that one person who typically carries the weight of the household responsibilities and empowers others to find things and pick up after themselves.



LABEL PARTY :: Spend 10 minutes labeling containers - show off your organized masterpiece so everyone else in your home or office knows where to find and return things!



Try one or all of these five ultimate organization hacks in your home or office and take note of the positive impact each one has on your daily living, overall well-being and the energy of the environment.







Bear Method Organize provides in-person decluttering + organizing sessions for Los Angeles, California; Orange County, California; Malibu, California; Denver Metro, Colorado and all of the United States. We are available to travel to you nationwide. We also offer virtual declutter + tidy sessions worldwide.


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