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Article: The Ultimate Packing Hacks For Traveling

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The Ultimate Packing Hacks For Traveling

We love to travel! What a blessing it is to be able to go to different places, meet new people, and experience the variety of life on this planet. Getting to and from our destinations can be daunting, stressful and downright difficult.


We’ve come up with the best traveling tips to help make packing and unpacking simple and convenient. Bring more joy into the art of traveling well by following our guide to to keep things streamlined and easy.


When packing, especially for an extended trip [anything more than four or five days], it’s best to keep like with like. Any time we organize, we like to break everything down into appropriate categories. You can tailor these to fit you, but see our packing list below for a baseline of typical packing categories.


You can then take these categories and place them in your suitcase or bag in an orderly manner. That might mean keeping clothes on one side, and toiletries, shoes, and miscellaneous on the other. Find what makes the most sense to you.


One packing hack that is very effective for extended trips is to plan your outfits out by day [and night if you’re bringing multiple looks per day] and place them in your bag in order. Pack your latter day trips at the bottom and keep your first day’s looks at the top. Rotate the outfits by placing the dirty//used looks at the bottom to bring the next days’ looks upward.


We also love the idea of bringing a spare “dirty laundry” bag to keep used looks contained, providing easier access for your to-be-worn outfits.


Packing cubes are a must to optimize space in any suitcase or bag. We love these from The Container Store, but the options are endless! When using packing cubes, buy sizes that make the most sense for you. If you prefer to keep all your shirts together, all your pants together, etc., then small to medium sizes might work best for you. If you like to pack each entire outfit together, you can buy large and extra large to fit multiple outfits in each cube, or you can try buying a medium size in bulk to have one cube per look.


When packing for kids, we love the folding hack of rolling up each outfit, underwear, socks and all into the top to keep it all intact. For kids who are old enough to dress themselves, this can be a game-changer to empower them to grab their clothes themselves and then be instructed to return the look in the same rolled manner back into their bag, either rotated to the bottom or carefully placed into a dirty laundry bag.


We also love to use the over-the-door-shoe-bag organizer hack to pack for kids and babies.  You can roll outfits, place diapers, pacifiers, toys and almost anything into each shoe slot and fold the loaded organizer into a suitcase. Simply take out the organizer and hang over the door at your hotel or Airbnb and VOILÀ! Easy peasy.


Pack with us! Check out our top ten packing categories ::


For Adults and Teens


1. Day Time Outfits

2. Evening + Special Occasion Looks

3. Workout + Activewear

4. Swim + Intimates + Sleepwear

5. Jewelry + Accessories

6. Cosmetics + Toiletries

7. Shoes

8. Departure + Return Travel Outfit

9. Electronics + Entertainment

10. Snacks + Supplements



For Babies and Kids


1. Day Time Outfits

2. Spare + Special Occasion Looks

3. Swim + Intimates [Underwear, Diapers, Pullups, Socks] + Sleepwear

4. Nighttime Necessities [Sound Machine, Snuggies, Blankies, Binkies]

6. Toiletries + First Aid Kit + Wipes

7. Shoes

8. Departure + Return Travel Outfit

9. Electronics + Entertainment [Travel Toys]

10. Snacks + Supplements



Don’t let the task of packing interfere with your desire to journey out into the world. Follow our simple and effective packing and traveling hacks to keep joy at the forefront of traveling, rather than anxiety and stress.


Save our packing lists and expand them into detailed versions of your own so you can leave the house with the confidence that you have everything you need to relax and enjoy a vacation by yourself or with loved ones.


Bon Voyage!






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