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Article: Why [and How] I Got Myself [and My Shit] Together and Got Organized

Why [and How] I Got Myself [and My Shit] Together and Got Organized

Why [and How] I Got Myself [and My Shit] Together and Got Organized

Let me tell you why [and how] I got organized.


The number one reason I decided to get organized was to take back control of my time. Without the chaos, anxiety and overwhelm of a cluttered environment, I'm able to spend time doing things I love with people I love.. like watching monster truck videos with my toddler and learning how to homestead with my husband.


I found myself always feeling like I needed to tidy up. Having things strewn about really messes with my mental state. It’s difficult for me to be present with so many things around distracting me. My cluttered environment was a direct reflection of my internal state of mind :: cluttered chaos.


Studies have shown that women tend to be more negatively affected by visual stimuli, significantly decreasing their ability to focus and to be productive. It can also increase stress and overwhelm, which is a huge red flag for overall health and well-being. These symptoms of clutter can lead to mental and emotional disorders that can impact quality of life.


Are you tired? I was tired. I was aaaallllllways tired. Tired of feeling overwhelmed. Tired of feeling like I couldn't stay on top of every day necessities. Tired of not being able to find anything. Tired of missing out on the joy of life. Tired of feeling tired.


Living in clutter is exhausting. It drains your energy. It robs you of time. It strips your productivity. It demotivates you to prioritize self-care. It prevents you from experiencing joy.


Here's how I got my shit together and got organized for good ::


1. I stopped making excuses and started taking action. I embarked on a Tidying Festival. I decluttered everything, one category at a time. I took small steps to eventually tackle the large project of organizing my entire life.


2. I got the family together and we all decluttered our belongings, one category at a time. We make a ritual out of decluttering a few times a year to prevent overwhelm and anxiety.


3. I organized all the kept items in a way that made sense for me and my family members. I made sure to involve them in the process of organizing to enhance the likelihood of them helping to maintain it. I labeled everything's "home" so that it was clear for everyone so everything can be returned to it's place after each use.


4. I make a habit of picking up after myself as I go, setting the example for everyone else. Now, because we aren’t perfect and some things get left out of place, we tidy up ONCE per day, at the end of the day to ensure the next day starts with a clear and calm environment.


5. I intentionally consider every purchase. when consuming anything new, I seriously consider - is it needed or wanted? Are we sure we don't already have it? Is it something we will use forever and if so, where will we keep it for future use? Is it cheaply made and convenient, or is it an investment that's worth making effort to obtain?



These five simple steps completely transformed the way I live and exist. The same is true for the members of my family. Now my days are peaceful and sweet [aside from the monster truck roars]. My health is stellar. My relationships are thriving. And my gratitude for life and everyone in it is evident.


Change your habits, change your life. It can be as simple as that. Clutter is a lifestyle choice. By the same token, non-clutter is a lifestyle choice. Choose your lifestyle. Choose your hard.



If you're interested in committing to a life-changing transformation, contact us today to set up a free consultation! We'd love to help you spark joy in your life and leave the "I'm tired" comments in the past.





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