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Article: Hello!

Bethany portrait


It’s me. Hi! I’m the founder, it’s me.

Hey! I'm Bethany Jordan - KonMari™ Consultant. For as long as I can remember, I have always LOVED to declutter and to tidy up. After being introduced to the KonMari™ method and completing my own Tidying Festival, I discovered a passion to help others balance their living and working spaces to spark more joy.  I started my own tidying business because I wanted to see more mindful living amongst humans, with less stressing and more thoughtful consuming. I built a method and invited in a community that both empowers individuals and families AND provides a high quality pathway to living joyfully. There is a better, more intentional way of living and it is my desire to bring that possibility to life to those who are interested in investing in this method for a life-changing transformation.


Bethany Jordan posing


I’ve always had a passion for intentional living with a major interest in organized systems and sustainability. In college, I studied Industrial Engineering which is basically taking existing machines and systems and making them better by increasing efficiency and efficacy. This was a great fit for me as it allowed room for newness in the form of improvement, rather than completely starting over from scratch. I remember in grade school a guest speaker came and explained that an ad that claims to be “New AND Improved” is a lie. We won’t get into the politics of manipulative marketing ploys, but this really stuck with me and “new, improved” became a theme in my life. I appreciate an approach to positive change that utilizes existing resources whenever possible.

We have abundant abundance in this life and it can become overwhelming if we let it! I love decluttering as an act of self-care. It doesn’t necessarily require you to toss everything and live with the bare minimum. It does, however, require you to take inventory of what you have and for you to then take ownership over what you want to have responsibility for going forward. As an Earth sign, it is vital to me that we, as sentient beings, take care of ourselves so that we can take care of each other and our home, Mother Earth. In true Zodiac form, I also very much support and encourage everyone to be living luxuriously with respect, which to me means creating space to FEEL and to spread joy every day. It means consuming with thoughtful intention and gratitude. It is a luxury to feel grateful, and we can all find something to be grateful for. We can spread joy by sharing our gratitude and our stories with others.


Young Bethany at school


My first job growing up was cleaning houses. I remember being literally on all fours with a toothbrush and a rag scrubbing the tile grout at my mother’s cat-loving friend’s home. During my pre-teen and teen years, I worked for my grandparents. This included, sorting through my grandmother’s home, mainly the closet, kitchen and pantry [you know the type - the Costco-like shelves of expired canned food and toxic take out take over in the fridge and freezer], and filing papers in my grandfather’s office. I loved to purge and I loved even more to sort. It became easy for me to get addicted to that feeling of cleaning out the dirty and the old to make room for the fresh, the new and the organized. I quickly developed systems to sort and file my grandfather’s business’s entire year’s worth of receipts and invoices - stacks on stacks of paper - in no time. In college I worked at an advising office where my talent and joy for efficiency and order thrived. I would put on a Pandora playlist and breeze through that week’s mailings, manage and maintain all 6 advisors’ calendars, and keep each student’s files neat and tidy, all while leaving myself enough time to complete my own homework during that day’s shift. After graduating, I worked in sales for a couple different industries where I found an interest in displays and decor. It’s great to be organized, but to me, it’s even better to be organized in an aesthetically pleasing way. Funny how when you reflect you can tie your life’s work and experience all together with a big commonality bow and understand exactly why you are who you are, where you are.

A few other stats on my resume include :: lifestyle, fit and fitness model with STETTS Model Management, Miss Kansas USA 2010, BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, Pilates and Yoga Teacher Certified, Sales Representative in technology and back office services, Sales Representative in medial and recreational cannabis. It’s an eclectic list and it suits me perfectly. In perfect time with all that experience, I was able to make it here to guide all of you through your Tidying Festival journeys.

Bethany with her newborn and her husband


I reside in Los Angeles with my husband who calls me Bear [which came about after my mother warned him of my hangriness by describing it as grizzly]. Together we have a little cub. My husband doesn’t always share the same the eagerness to declutter and organize. He very much appreciates a tidy home, and ultimately feels relief after letting go of things that don’t spark joy for him, but he definitely doesn’t have the same get-up-and-go organize gusto I possess. Our cub, at the time of this writing, is just now starting to walk and only says “mama” and “dada” like it’s a vocal warm up for his impromptu acapella crying performance at any given moment of the day. I mention these personal bits of my family life to let you know that very often is the case that ONE person in the family is passionate about getting and staying organized, while the others can range from downright destructive to mere verbal support throughout the process. No matter your unique journey to transformation, no matter the participants along the way, I will remain your constant with total support, encouragement, education and practical advice for all the potential challenges along the way. I will offer you priceless tips and ticks of the tidying trade - everything from upcycling your Amazon boxes to storage solutions to getting your husband or your 1yo to contribute to your efforts. 

Bethany organizing her pantry along with her toddler


My goal with starting Bear Method Organize is to create the space for a community for anyone to find advice and support and encouragement to take the leap of transformative desire, dive into a Tidying Festival of their own and implement a maintenance system that works! Transformation is attainable. Living the life you dream about is possible. Together we can bring those vision boards to life! I am here with you, for you, and so is the Bear Method Organize Community. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social [@bearmethodorganize TikTok + Instagram] for on demand support and guidance.

Xo - Bethany


Bear Method Organize provides in-person declutter + tidy sessions for Los Angeles, California; Orange County, California; Malibu, California; Denver Metro, Colorado and all of the United States. We are available to travel to you. We offer virtual declutter + tidy sessions worldwide.

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